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Prophet photo Adolfo CastellonHello and welcome to the prophecy.  I recommend to go to original and full prophecy second coming  please. Go to   PROPHECYSECONDCOMING. COM  This one is wishful thinking. Ideas .  My name is Adolfo Castellon  My first step I already did with my genealogy tree.  Im a true descendant of King Solomon.  That only give me a blood right to be a prophet,  but the first step is taken.
-- Even if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going.  (John 8:14)  
 -- Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! Luke 18:38.
 -- Hosanna to the Son of David! (Matthew 21:15) --
To make thing simple Im DAVID DAVID DAVID . But let me explain what a prophet is,  a person who tell you the future , and a little more . God dont speak to me AND IM NO SAINT..  but there have being prophets that did not prophesized nothing,  like the father of all prophets  Moises . In Israel there are  18 writing prophets and 6 non writing prophets. There are much more  a lot of other prophets out there. 
But only from Israel are true prophets not in another land. In Israel if you didnt prophesized correct you get yourself kill , bad prophecies were not welcome.  And remember Prophet are from the blood of David.
So what is my prophecy is then simple unity  One world, one religion , internet is a good beginning  , one WHITEWEB , where this information that you will give is so sensitive and deep of yourself , one money  one language one religion one ZION  one world. One computer that will keep safe  your personal information .
Maintained  and saved by the true prophet blood to keep those records safe.  Born to keep safe the code. How social media is so important to us but is not enough. The object is to create a more deeper social media a religious one uniting our religions , but maintaining the code that will govern the UTOPIA sustained  by the  bloodlines of King David. They can only  touch the main code , Matrix  , this one educated in the royal code and royal family that would always have eternity educated for these purpose. We have to have order in our waste management the  destruction of our planet,  a more plan society , over production and starving in another our statistics and economy based in a computer that based on our information will distribute our welth more equetiteve way , media can regulate the prices , offer and demand. We need  fair and stability in our prices Democratic in world scale, control in our production. Security in the stock markets for example. Correct prices a new one world Prophet photo Adolfo CastellonCentral Bank   .. Is one king one money  one order one language THE NEW WORLD ORDER . Dont be scare with that phrase . WE HAVE TO CREATE OUR OWN ORDER .. GOD IS WHERE ORDER IS
-- "So the last will be first, and the first will be last." Matthew 20:16

Prophets are the one that can tell the future like certain thing in this modern age like the movie The Matrix , with Keanu Reeve the name of the character is NEO GRAIL,  THE ONE,  he goes to the King Merovech son of Louis the first king of France descendant of Christ and he is the great granddad of Mohamed comes from  and  ask for the code of the Matrix on the book.,,, what I have learned from all these I found out that Jesus was a really true prophet and Mohamed is a straight descendant of King Merovech Christ  prophesized three thing that the temple  of Solomon is going to be destroy, that Jerusalem will have a wall surrounded , and that Galilee will be in a big war,  the man hit them all, and in one Jewish generation that is 40 years. Jesus die year in 33 A.C ,  and the the second  temple was destroy by EMPEROR TITUS FLAVIUS on the 70 A.C .  Time wise he made it. Now Titus was marry to Bernice-Flavius  Veronica in Latin, a Jewish princes who was very closed relative to Christ .   And a relative of mine . She is the one who tells Titus to destroy the temple.  These strike a nerve on what a historical Jesus is. The other historical Jesus that proof this is Josephus FLAVIUS is one of the last prophets he talk and commented about Christ and Christians . Bernice Flavius was a Christian .. and Titus a Christian but Titus only lasted 2 years. But 20 emperors later all of them die assassination style . CONSTANTINE FLAVIUS in the 4 A.C  made Christianity as we know it.
I found this when I look in my genealogy i was no relative to Titus but yes to Bernice Flavius . Ok the other thing i learned about being a prophet, was that Hasan-ibn-AliMohamed was a Christian , he is a descendant of King Merovich . Mahoma is my great granddad my grandma is from the caliphate daughter of Mahoma, Fatimah-bint-Muhammad her son Hasan-ibn-Ali . Im supposed to be from the tribe of Sayyid.



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