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Hello and welcome to the prophecy. I recommend to go to original prophecy second coming please (Go to for first part   PROPHECYSECONDCOMING. COM  ) to have better understanding.
This part is like reading the last chapter but if you have no time  keep on reading.  Google change algorithm I change to mobile friendly . And I will say that I have English as a second language if you see mistakes or comments mail me please

I did it in English language because W.W.W its semi official language.

Im moving to mobile friendly version.
This one is wishful thinking. Ideas . My name is Luis Adolfo Castellon DeShon DeShon .  Im a Costa Rica SEO
My first step I already did with my genealogy tree see my tree. Im a true descendant of King Solomon ,David , Charlemagne Mohamed . That only give me a blood right to be a prophet, but the first step is already taken. Let me tell you a little about myself my blood comes from two blood relatives my Mother and Father where blood cousin. This blood is from DeShon (Dechampagne). See DeShon Official Website   , DeShon Museum
I know where I come from and know where Im going. I have understood myself. I know who I am. That i have done thanks to the information revolution.

God dont speak to me and I am no Saint.

I have 2 DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Captain Daniel Deshon .
 From DAR "No braver man to defend a coast or harass an enemy can be found at any period of our country's history." He was of French Hugue not extraction; a lineal descendant of Elder William Brewster of Mayflower fame.
His dad Henry Deshon Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT. DAR Ancestor # A032097. Henry Deshon is my fourth great grandfather.

Another great Deshon Father George Deshon. He was a graduate (1843) of the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he was a classmate and best friends of General U. S. Grant.
Second in his class. founder of the Paulist called the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle; ( priest in the military ) , the first house and church of the society he build it in New York in 1859.
"One of America's Greatest Churches"), which stands adjacent to Lincoln Center in New York City.
All these is because one man  "Elder" William Brewster, "Mayflower" passenger is my 9th great grandfather.
William Brewster, a Pilgrim Elder ,  He is a Roslyn Chapel descendant SAN Clair (Sangre Grial ) so three weeks before the Mayflower set sail in the seventeenth century. A descendant of the original Sinclair the closest relative. The 15th-century Roslyn chapel in Midlothian Scotland became world famous after featuring at the centre of a conspiracy theory in Dan Browns book The Da Vinci Code. If you never read it I will resume in a few words (He found the person that is the closest relative to Christ )
Elder William Brewster is on the United States Capital dome in Washington  D. C . "Symbolic and physical heart." of America This was America's first democratic election of a leader. ... Written into this Compact, the constitution are the basic ideals of American democracy the constitution and the letter of independence as we know it today. After the ten commandments are as important
(Templar constitution freemason ).
These principles of democratic government developed exemplified in the words of Elder William Brewster .

The Mayflower pilgrim were not the first or last pilgrim, in USA ,
USA celebrates thank God that this men made it to America, that is why America celebrates Thanksgiving day .
William Sinclair founder of the Rosslyn chapel in Scotland the most enigmatic chapel in the world  made famous by The Da Vinci code was founded by William Sinclair and founder of the Freemason, the closest relative was The Elder William Brewster.

-- Even if I testify on my on behalf, my testimony is valid, for I know where I came from and where I am going. (John 8:14)

-- Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! Luke 18:38.

-- Hosanna to the Son of David! (Matthew 21:15) --

To make thing simple Im DAVID DAVID DAVID . But let me explain what a prophet is, a person who tell you the future, and a little more . 
 I'm just here to spread the good news.
In Israel there are 16 writing prophets and 6 non writing prophets.  That really prophesized things in the future.
But only from Israel are true prophets not in another land and the blood of David. In Israel if you didn't prophesized correct you get yourself kill , bad prophecies were not welcome.

There are two ways possible  that the second coming will be, one he will come back just as they saw him go . and the other is the one that he is around us but we don't figure out where to find him. Why do you seek the living among the dead. Not the God of the dead.

So what is my prophecy is then simple unity of the world, no more countries one world, one religion , one world Democratic, ,cyber space wise , one WHITE WEB ,  One goodness money .  The object is that we live in a neo liberal society base on consumption if we don't consume there is no grow, and that is what is destroying our world ( Cheap Money ).  But how do you control 7.5 billion humans being. Simple a computer money plus faith. We are animals that the only way to feel satisfied is by consumption that is on our barebones of our long ancestors that eat whatever because maybe tomorrow there will be no food and capitalism take advantage of that effect that we have deep inside. Adam Smith the creator of capitalism is clear on this matter. How disorder have order. One way is that our money should be like a pound or a kilogram a pound is 16 ounces and a kilogram is 1000 grams and that has being for years. The same principle has to be with money. Inflation should be 0%. Well what I am trying to say is to create a currency like Facebook Libra or Bitcoin but those are for personal wealth. The root of all evil is not money. It is the human lust for wealth and power. (We have to educate our self that we to survived we need to cooperate whit ourselves in the hunting that is why as species we made it so far . That is the purpose God put at in this world to help each other. And the code to keep who will keep only a royal family so there will be no infiltration. This is very important educated in the code.
 I dont want a drop of tear on these earth,  that day Jesus Christ will come. Its amazing that Columbus say that the second coming of Christ will come  when every Indian in America turn to Christianity. No he will come when we make heaven on earth.

  The information that you will give to this code is so sensitive and deep of yourself.
One goodness money, Inventory Just On Time,  one language one religion one ZION one world unity one computer. The holy father prayer says " Build Your Kingdom Here on earth as Heaven "

One world central Bank or computer that will keep safe our personal information ,deep  personal information your financial are kept in in one computer like if you're sick alone hungry, things that are very sensitive of yourself , that will understands your needs so the computer and humans can attack  our problems statistics how much to produce no more waste Win Win situation . We will pay people dollar of goodness the ones that do the good.
Maintained and saved by the true prophet blood to keep those records safe not to be sold  .Born and educated to keep safe the code and keep the algorithm . 
The problem with democratic system is that any stupid has a right to go to power
. We have to have a way to stop these.

  How social media is so important to us but is not enough. The object is to create a more deeper social media a religious one uniting our religions, but maintaining the algorithm that will govern the UTOPIA sustained by the bloodlines of King David. They can only touch  the main code .
We are all the matrix if you have a number welcome  , this one educated in the royal code and  royal family that would always have eternity educated .The problem with our society is politics is run by a little book call the prince form  Machiavelli "statecraft" Politics 101 , this is  wrong.
The rules of goodness are writing already. We are going to pay who ever does goodness.
This rules are already done by Frederick the great king of Prussia. Who invented anti-Machiavelli whit his tutor Voltaire. Is like the ten commandments. the bill of rights Cartamagna  the ten commandments .

Nothing is new Aristotles Platon Socrates they all talk about the perfect society and how it should be run. For example Socrates did not wrote anything it was Platon who talk about him.  Socrates is the one that say we have to choose only train leaders you want the best captain to take charge of your ship.
The constitution of America. Ten commandments  Im not inventing nothing just trying to put all together. We are mature enough what is good or bad.

We have to have order in our waste management, the destruction of our planet, a more plan society, over production and starving in another, keep deep statistics and personal data, economy based with artificial intelligence  that keep our information and will distribute our wealth more equitative way , media can regulate the prices. 
Supply and demand balance this one.
We need fair and stability in our prices,  Democratic in world scale, control in our production.
Security in the stock markets for example.
Correct prices a new one world one Central Bank .

Control is not a nice word.
Is one king and the king will be a computer. Is amazing  how the computer save capitalism.
The problem with order its that may take our liberty.
 We are just going to take what works and what doesn't. We have have enough experience what is good or bad of a country laws an it will be by a world  democracy system.
One Money one order one language.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER . Dont be scare with that phrase .

This is the math. The last will be first. One of the problems we have is the federal bank of USA  and associates , its a private institution ,that have created the crash responsible of the 2009 crash in the stock markets buying in low prices the stocks,  and they are the one who create the money.

These institution has to be confiscated or we have to create our money of goodness like Bit coin Libra etc. This is our math help the poor countries . Unions are popular like European Union, Arab union African union UEA.

-- "So the last will be first, and the first will be last." Matthew 20:16

Prophets are the one that can tell the future, certain thing in this modern age, like the movie The Matrix, because it hit the nail the personage are not human but codes.
Keanu Reeve the name of the character is NeO GRAIL, THE ONe, he goes to get the key for the matrix to  King Merovich son of Louis the first king of France.
 He Merovich and NEO are  descendant of Christ and he King MEROVICH is the great granddad of Mohamed,  and ask for the code of the Matrix. History wise in certain way is true

For example there are only 3294 descendant of the 9th generation of William Brwester.

What I have learned from all these well I found out that Jesus was a really true prophet, and Mohamed is a straight descendant of King Merovich son of king Louis the first .
Christ prophesized three thing that the second temple of Solomon is going to be destroy, that Jerusalem will have a wall surrounded, and that Galilee will be in a big war, Jesus hit them all.
All these in one Jewish generation that is 40 years. Jesus die year in 33 A.C , and the the second temple was destroy by Emperor Titus FLAVIUS on the 70 A.C .
Time wise Christ  hit them all. And the apostle John prophesies Nero with the number of the beast.  Amazing.
Now  the emperor Titus FLAVIAN  was marry to Bernice-Flavian  (Veronica in Latin) , a Jewish  princes who was very closed relative to Christ .  And a relative of mine and Christ.
She is the one who tells Titus FLAVIAN to destroy the temple. When you are in the war business you dont destroy religious temples.

These strike a nerve on what a historical Jesus.

In the I A.C the other historical Jesus that proof this is Josephus FLAVIAN is a Jewish Historian turn  Christian.  He talk and commented about Christ and Christians .
Bernice FLAVIAN she  was a Christian .. and Emperor Titus FLAVIAN a Christian but Titus only lasted  2 years. But 20 emperors later all of them who die assassination style . CONSTANTINE FLAVIAN raised to power in the 3 A.C he made Christianity as we know it. I found this when I look in my genealogy.
Ok the other thing i learned about being
a prophet, was that Hasan-ibn-Ali  Mohamed was a Christian ,
he is a true descendant of King Merovich . Mohamed  is my great granddad, my grand grandma is  the daughter of Mohamed,  her name is Fatimah-bint-Muhammad her son Hasan-ibn-Ali . Im supposed to be from the tribe of Sayyid.
This is called caliphate royal blood for the Muslim. 
First step is the union of the 3 religions Christian Jewish and Muslims.

What differ in believes in those religions is that Muslim and Jewish believe is that Christ did not raise from the death he fake it and not the son of God.
From the Jewish I found out , that in the Jewish official encyclopedia, that actually tell me more about the historical Jesus, 

I hope i don't offend nobody and remember this is in the official Jewish encyclopedia.
That Mary mother of Christ was a whore, that she had a relation with a soldier called "Pantera ".And that they hope that Christ is boiling in excrement in hell

Now the law of the land is this  1) thought not kill. 2) thought not steal 3) thought not desire wife. 4) thought not lie. 5) thought not lift false statement .

If you fallow those you go to heaven. So i am not lying. Please watch how some protestant study this
Mohamed say in the Koran that Jesus fake it too.
But one of the problem with the Koran it took more than 500 years to mature and its still maturing . Just check when the first Muslim coin was made. Mohamed was born in 600 A.C and it took centuries of changes and transformation add ups on the way to make the Koran.

This is the tale of Mohamed When Mohamed arrive at Mecca. He saw a daughter kissing his dad,  his dad was digging a hole and then he buried her daughter because she has dishonor him. And then Mohamed saw her eating sand. So Mohamed say this will never happens again.  Mohamed was a Christian.
It was until the 10 century A.C that the major transformation occur.
The Jihad for example was introduce by the Emperor Saladin
(An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub). For example he couldn't understand how the Templars made it to Jerusalem thousands of miles from  their homes and fight so heroic way, so he introduce the Jihad.
For example suicide is a mortal sin in the Koran is a mortal sin but Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini change that rule. I lke this youTuber

After Saladin came the Mamluk The term is most commonly used to refer to Muslim slave soldiers and Muslim rulers of slave origin.
It endured for nearly 1000 years, from the ninth to the nineteenth centuries. During the late eleventh and twelfth centuries the Fatimid caliphate declined rapidly, and in 1171 Saladin invaded its territory.

The problem with Muslim there are two mayor sect the Shiite and the Sunni the split occurred soon after the death of the Prophet Muhammad,
In the year 632. Most of the Prophet Muhammad's followers wanted the community of Muslims to determine who would succeed him.

A smaller group thought that someone from his family should take up his mantle.
They favored Ali, who was married to Muhammad's daughter, Fatimah.
"Shia believed that leadership should stay within the family of the prophet," 
 Sunnis believed that leadership should fall to the person who was deemed by the elite of the community to be best able to lead the community.
And it was fundamentally that political division that began the Sunni --  Shia split." We should fallow the Caliphate Fatimah is the correct one. No doubt about it.

This difference is especially powerful when it comes to the story of the 12th Imam, known as the Hidden Imam.
"In the 10th century," says Nasr, "the 12th Shiite Imam went into occultation.
Shiites believe God took him into hiding, and he will come back at the end of time. He is known as the Mahdi or the Messiah. So in many ways the Shiites, much like Jews or Christians, are looking for the coming of the Messiah. Second coming too.
By the year 1500, Persia was a seat of Sunni Islamic learning, but all that was about to change with the arrival of Azeri conquerors.
They established the Safavid dynasty in Persia  modern-day Iran  and made it Shiite. the worlds worst Koran  is the one that practice the Saudis that with their oil money are teaching around the world specially Africa.

PLEASE GO TO OLD SITE to understand a little more

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